Nutrition Revolution


Featuring Noelle Martin, Founder of Motherhood & Meals

As women, business owners, and everything else in between, our schedules are often packed. We tend to be pulled in 5 different directions at once on a regular basis. And while we care for everyone else’s needs, our own health can sometimes slide. 

Noelle Martin is a registered dietitian with a Masters of Science in Foods and Nutrition with a specialization in women’s health (the health of moms to be more specific). She has three young children (all born in less than 27 months) and has built three successful businesses (over the past 15 years), in addition to teaching at Brescia University College. She knows what it’s like to have a constant pace in life!, and she also knows how to stay nourished, physically fit, and well rested in the process. 

In this recording, we hear Noelle’s top strategies and tips that you can put into practice right away in your life, and in your business.

Noelle Martin