Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Brand

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As a predominantly e-commerce company, Love Powered Co.'s social network channels have accounted for most of their sales, with Instagram accounting for 85% of all their online revenue. Presenters Anna & Lindy have learned, and failed, and picked themselves up, and have learned and failed and learned again. From selling on Instagram, and growing their following from 0 - 32k followers in 18 months, they will share with you how they organically continue to leverage this powerful app for business.

Topics covered include:

  • Feed vs. Stories -- your gallery vs your realness
  • Marketing Your Insta -- your brand (aesthetic & captures) & your brand voice (your copy/captions)
  • Power of Consistency
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Collabs and Giveaways
  • Networking Through Instagram
  • Conversions -- how sales are made on Instagram